How To Protect Yourself When Living With Case Of COVID 19
How To Protect Yourself When Living With Case Of COVID 19
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How To Protect Yourself When Living With Case Of COVID 19

My ways to self protect when living with a suspected COVID 19 case.

It was scary and shocking for me when knowing that my housemate is self-isolated for 14 days because he has direct contact with the positive COVID 19.

Although we live in different rooms, we still share things like the kitchen and bathroom together. So I feel really worried during this period of time. If you don’t know, Melbourne, the city where I live now, is facing the second wave of COVID 19 and the number of cases is increased rapidly every single day.

From last week, we have 500 to 700 extra cases per day that make the state government applied the new restriction to wear masks as compulsory for everyone.

When knowing this news, I feel safer when people in Melbourne have to take care more on public health by wearing the mask when going out as Vietnam did for several months before. This action of Vietnam helped the country to be the best country in the world to prevent the spread of this virus.

And the interest is just 2 months ago, the universities and the state government still encourage people don’t wear masks in public areas because it is not necessary. But now, it becomes compulsory with the penalty up to $200 dollars without having mask on the street.

Unfortunately, now, my housemate just noticed me that the government also required him to self-isolation for 14 days because he met a positive case a couple of days ago.

And I don’t know if you have experienced this feeling before or not, but living with someone who has suspected to have COVID 19 in the same house is not a comfortable feeling.

It makes you feel like you can be suspected at any time and also can be isolated for 14 days as well. Because using the same stuff as toilet and kitchen is very easy to spread the virus by touching the similar surfaces. And absolutely nobody likes this feeling.

Learning how to protect yourself during this sensitive time is tough but super important. Therefore, I write this story to share with you about what I did to protect myself from my housemate and the risk to get COVID 19 from him.

If you know any better way, let me and others know, so we can protect ourselves together.

Wearing the mask and glove all the time

It hears a little bit weird for the first time if you need to wear masks all the time at home while the government just asks you to wear the mask when you go out.

But it is safer for yourself when you live in the same house with a person who is suspected to have COVID 19.

How effective are face masks? Here’s a good guide.
How effective are face masks? Here’s a good guide.

Because when you and the person who is suspected COVID 19 both wear mask, the risk to spread this virus is limited up to zero. While if just you or that person wear the mask, the other doesn’t, the risk for you still very high.

Moreover, the virus itself can stay in the air for hours when someone has COVID 19 cough or sneeze in the common areas.

Source: Australia Government Website

By wearing the masks and gloves all the time (except when you take a shower or go to the toilet) will be the best way to protect yourself when you live with someone who has the high risks to have COVID 19.

In the beginning, my housemate doesn’t agree that he needs to wear a mask and gloves at home because he feels uncomfortable and not necessary. So instead of forcing him to wear only by himself, I do it first, even I’m completely healthy and don’t approach anyone who is in investigated.

By doing this way, I show him how important it is, and it also makes him feels fair because he doesn’t need to wear it alone.

If you live with a housemate in the same situation that I have, I highly recommend you to wears mask and gloves firstly to show an example for your housemate about how serious you care about coronavirus.

Because if you just ask this person to wear while you don’t, it can make them feel don’t fair for them and they can ignore what you said. But when you evidence by your real action, this person will really take serious about what you said and ready to wear it all the time at home.

Always clean all the surfaces before you touch

Because you don’t know if any surface will have the virus or not. Although right now, my housemate still healthy, but until two weeks end, anything can happen.

And for COVID 19, depends on the different surfaces, it can stay from 4 hours to a week on different materials. Therefore, if we don’t prevent at the beginning, we can easily get in touch with the virus without knowing it happens.

My Housemate Be Self-Isolated Because Of COVID 19 — How I Protect Myself
My Housemate Be Self-Isolated Because Of COVID 19 — How I Protect Myself
Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash

So make sure to self-protect and prevent everything in advance is a super important step that not only me but also any person who faces this situation needs to do.

I recommend you can buy the spray bottle that can kill the virus on the surface such as Glen 20, and always keep your hand sanitizer to clean your hand after using anything you need to share with others, such as kitchen, toilet.

In addition, always wear gloves all the time in common areas, it will help you to self-protect yourself to directly touch the surface. Then, it helps to reduce significantly the ability to get the virus by touching points.

Keep doing exercise and a positive mind

We all need to keep a healthy body and a healthy mind during a tough time.

And I believe that doing exercise and have a positive mind is very important for me as well as anyone who is also facing the same situation.

Because I can’t ignore the truth that I am living with a person who has a very high potential to have COVID 19. But if I just focus on this point and overthinking about it all the time, I can’t do anything else.

So, by keeping doing workout daily, it helps me to maintain my physical and mental health. Because if you don’t have good health, the risk you get coronavirus is higher.

So daily exercise can be known as a kind of “natural vaccine” to improve your immune systems. And having a positive mind will keep us calm during this challenging time.

Although he told me that he has the first test to be negative, the risky is still very high. Because only after the two weeks period of time, you can make sure if you have COVID 19 or not.

During this time, he also needs to have a couple more tests after a few days. So doing all things in advance to protect me is the best way I can do, and you can too if you also face the same situation as I have.

These are all the things I can do right now to protect myself during this sensitive time. And I share this story with a purpose to share my personal experience with you in case you also face the same situation as me.

If you have any other better suggestions to self protect, please let me and others who also face the same situation know by the comment below.

So we can together protect our health during this pandemic time.

Thank you for supporting this content, Stephen Muskett

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